"Smartest" Container Evaluation Kit to Expedite Smart Container Rollouts

2022-06-15 14:02:33 By : Mr. Jake Song

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+972-77-2005042 from 8 AM - 11 PM IL

The kit, dubbed "World's Smartest Container" is offered by IoT visionary Loginno, to open active dialogs with shipping companies about the possibilities of a smart container fleet

TEL AVIV, Israel , May 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Ever since Hapag-Lloyd's announcement of equipping their entire container fleet with IoT sensors, shipping companies are more aware than ever of the opportunity to convert their existing container fleets to smart containers, unlocking countless digital possibilities.

In its continuing promise to help shipping companies towards Contopia, Loginno is introducing today a no-strings-attached evaluation kit for smart containers. The kit, available to purchase now through the Loginno.com website, enables shipping companies to experience smart container functionality, opening a dialog about unlocking this new and exciting playground.

The evaluation kit will include a flexible number of AGAM container brains, and Loginno's critically acclaimed shipper-ready On-Schedule Monitoring software, allowing shipping companies to bring on their shippers of choice to the evaluation process.

The 10-year lifetime AGAM container brain, designed with both liners and shippers in mind, is currently the most fully-featured smart container conversion device, with unique features like a container-vent retrofit, 6-sided intrusion detection, two-minute permanent installation, and compatibility with future technologies like Loginno's SOLAS VGM on-container weighing.

Loginno founders Shachar Tal and Amit Aflalo : "We are excited at the opportunity to assist more shipping companies in embracing Contopia. Even though we have learned much so far, new ideas and business models are popping up every month in this truly digital economy. We are eager to share what we have learned with any shipping company that so desires. All it takes are a few clicks to start the process."

Loginno is creating Contopia (Container Utopia), the world's Internet-of-Shipping-Containers infrastructure, by partnering with shipping companies to convert entire container fleets to IoT-enabled fleets, mining cargo, and voyage data through patented unique technology.

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